Individual or Group Telephone Tutorials

Dramatically – really! – improve your deposition cross-examination skills in a customized, intensely analytical, telephone tutorial: one-on-one or in a group.*

Either way:

  • From an adverse deposition – that of a smart and determined-to-prevail opposing party would be best – select 15 to 20 continuous transcript pages that address a subject (or two) at the heart of a case that is/was headed for trial.
  • You are encouraged to tape-record the tutorial as a memory aid, and to allow us to analyze as many teaching points as possible … unhampered by pace-slowing note-taking.
  • A tutorial typically requires 15 minutes for teacher-prep and 60 minutes telephone time.
  • All tutorials are kept in strict confidence: the sacrosanct “teacher-student” privilege applies … never referenced in the seminars.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed. If you are not shown how to dramatically improve your deposition cross-examination skills, the tutorial is free.

*Groups are limited to 5.

he first paragraph in the group.