SINCE 1993, I have presented my CLE seminars and webinars to more than 60,000+ litigators.  Those presentations routinely earned rave!! reviews, 500 pages of which are available for your pleasurable perusal via the links to 3 PDFs below.  

Don’t have time to read (any of) 500 pages? Then I offer two of my favorite reviews for your evaluation. Each was written by a brilliant litigator with whom I became friends AFTER they wrote their reviews. What option did I have? (As an aside, Scott and Kevin have each read more books than anyone else I have ever met, and each can quote passages – or pretend they can – from an ungodly number of those books.) I offer Scott’s as being representative of the reviews of my several presentations that focus on attacking “fact” witnesses, and offer metaphor-loving Kevin’s as being representative of the reviews regarding my presentation re attacking adverse experts.

  – robert

Review of  “Great Adverse Depositions:
Principles & Principal Techniques”

by Scott Thomas, a litigator in Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky

” I’ve been practicing since 1983, exclusively in litigation.  I only wish that Mr. Musante’s course was available to me in my first year of practice … When it came to taking good depositions, I thought I knew it all – or most of it.  Heck, I’ve been teaching this subject myself in CLEs through Lorman and NBI for more than a decade.  Yet in five short hours, Mr. Musante took my game to a new order of magnitude.  Amazing? Yes.  Somewhat embarrassing to admit.  Yes.  But all true? Yes!”

[Scott’s 2-page letter to the Kentucky Justice Association is below. And, no, its date of April 1st was just a coincidence, not an April Fools’ Day prank.]

Review of  “Attacking a ‘Mt. Olympus’ Expert’s
Opinion At Deposition & Trial”

By Kevin Connelly, a litigator in Chicago, Illinois

“Musante’s construct for attacking experts, O=R+2F, is a brilliant idea, delivered with the enthusiasm of Dick Vitale and the logic and epistomology of Brother William of Baskerville (Umberto Eco’s “The Name of the Rose”), making Musante what law school deans refer to as a “dancing bear” – too entertaining to compare to normal legal teaching and too intellectually talented to miss.”

[The construct Kevin references is set out in the chart below. It identifies the absolute universe of direct attacks against the purported scientific merits of any expert’s opinion in any case for the rest of time. Yes, the colours in the chart matter: in red are the expert’s claims & in green cross-examiner’s lines of attack.]

Thousands More Rave Reviews

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