Frequently Asked Questions

Does viewing these webinars qualify for CLE credit in California?

“Robert Musante’s Seminars” is an approved CLE provider in California (#2711). Both “Great Adverse Depositions” and “Attacking the Expert’s Opinion” are accredited for 6.5 general hours of CLE, if all 5 of their respective parts are viewed. (No CLE hours that satisfy the ethics requirement or the elimination of bias requirement are offered.)

California MCLE Rule 2.83 allows for some CLE hours to be acquired through self-study, meaning that their completion need not be verified by an approved provider, which is the case with the viewing of an archived webinar. You may wish to check whether you have already reached your limit of CLE self-study hours for the current reporting period.

You will not be sent a California certificate that confirms you actually watched the video … it’s on-YOUR-honor self-study.

Does viewing these webinars qualify for CLE credit outside of California?

Maybe. Both “Great Adverse Depositions” and “Attacking the Expert’s Opinion” have been presented live in 30+ states. On each occasion the host state awarded CLE credit to attendees. However, no representation is made that your viewing of these webinars will satisfy the current CLE requirements of your non-California state. It is your responsibility to investigate that issue. Sorry, there are just too many states, with too many changing regulations, with too much paperwork, with too many fees for us to keep current in any state other than California. We will not do any admin work whatsoever to help you get non-California CLE credit. If learning deposition WISDOM ain’t enuf, please don’t buy the webinar.

What are the time limits for viewing a webinar?

Two separate time limits apply concurrently:

First, once a purchase is made, a 30-day clock begins to run on the ticket as a whole

Once a part is opened for its initial viewing, an unlimited number of viewings are allowed over the next 48 hours. (See computer limitation below.) But after those 48 hours have run, your webinar ticket would become invalid for that part. For example, once you open Part 1 for the initial viewing, you will have 48 hours to complete viewing it. The 48-hour clock for Part 2 will not begin to run until it is first opened. No viewing at all will be possible – on the same webinar ticket – 30 days after the date of the purchase.

The time remaining with regard to any webinar part is prominently displayed on both the “ticket menu” page and on the “viewing” page.

How many computers can be used to view the webinars?

One computer. Moreover, the same combination of the computer and the browser that first opened a webinar part must be used for all viewings of that particular part. Do not erase a part’s “cookie” until you have completed your viewing of that part.

For example, if you first opened Part 1 of “Great Adverse Depositions” on laptop “A” using Firefox, then you must continue the viewings of Part 1 on laptop “A” using Firefox. That part will not play on a different computer or a different browser. As for Parts 2 thru 5, you can choose a different combination of computer and browser from that you used to view Part 1.

If you get the message **Computer activation limit exceeded**, just return to the combination of computer and browser that first played the video, and open the video with them. It will play.

Anything “tricky” to be aware of about playing the videos?

A progress bar will appear below the video. To go forward or backward in the video, you can click in that progress bar or drag the playpoint. Doing either will cause a few seconds delay as the video repositions itself to the new spot you chose. If that reloading stops altogether, or you experience any other glitch …

(a) quit and restart your web browser

(b) re-enter the ticket number HERE

(c) click the “Watch Now” button

(d) click on the part that stopped

Note: Watching the webinar on a smart phone or a tablet is not recommended.